Hack Facebook Free - Frequently Asked Questions

Is your site scam or real? Do you have a proof?

We are proud and pleased to inform you that we're the #1 hacking site on the web and the only one that provides absolutely FREE hacking services. You can see the number of Facebook likes and shares we've got and that we're #1 on Google searches. At the top of this page, you can see the recently hacked Facebook accounts. The list gets updated every single minute and loads of hacking requests are processed every day through our web based application. Check out our testimonials page for more information.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our services are absolutely free to use. However, to prevent abuse of our services, we've recently modified the way you get your hacked password. You only need to get 10 referrals to our site or complete a short survey to receive your password. That's the only way we can prevent abuse, but you may ask what's abuse and how will it affect our site? To abuse is to use our services to bad effect or for a bad purpose. How is it done? Some users run automated scripts that hack millions of Facebook accounts using our web-based application which isn't the goal of our site. Hence we had to make some changes.

Am I anonymous when using your site?

Absolutely yes. We don't log your information (IP address or location) and of course you don't give your name or address when hacking a Facebook account. Hence you're completely safe using our site. On the other hand, Facebook doesn't know you're using our site so again, you're safe. Our site does everything for you and that's on server side (not on client side). You just have to invite a few friends or complete a small survey to receive your password.

Does Facebook know I'm trying to hack a Facebook account?

As stated above, absolutely not. When you're hacking a Facebook account using our web application, our site treats you anonymously, and your request will be processed on the server side meaning Facebook doesn't even know you're using our site. Furthermore, the web application uses many encryption methods to ensure that the requests aren't even sent from our site, therefore our site is safe too, let alone yourself.

What information should I provide to start the hacking process?

You only need your victim's profile URL. Example: "https://www.facebook.com/zuck". You don't need to provide any personal details. You're completely anonymous on our site.

How does your system work?

The process behind these services is very complex and only experienced programmers can understand it. But we'll tell you how to do it easily. All you have to know about the victim is the Facebook profile URL. Then, you should visit the "Account Hack" page. Once you submit your hacking request by clicking "Hack Account", our script will connect to the appropriate servers and grab the password from the database. The password won't be changed so the victim doesn't know their account is being hacked. That's the best advantage of using our services (other than it's absolutely free!).

What for can I use your services

We urge the users to use our site just to retrieve your old passwords. We're not responsible for anything bad you when using our services. Using our services is at your own risk.